it's the beginning of another new year and i'm flippin' pumped! here are just a few "goals" {resolutions, dreams, thoughts, etc} of what i hope the next year has in store.

::goals for mmxi::

don't change this list.
be grateful. no matter the circumstances.
become a ping pong baller.
love my neighboors.
savor my daily Bread.
run townlake at least once a week.
slow down while driving... and talking. and thinking.
quero practicar mi espanol!
experiment with soup recipes.
take pictures for fun.
read the lord of the rings series.
play barefoot at zilker in the summer.
become a mozarts regular.
live simply. simply live.
have more saturday picnic + frisbee time.
visit mount bonnell more than last year. (3+)
visit my parents more.

let's do it, 2011... you only come once and i'm gonna take advantage of you!!!
p.s. i need friends for basically all of these, so please join.