is this forever!?!?

ever watch the youtube video "david after the dentist"? if you haven't... please, take a minute and watch it by clicking this link.

i'm not gonna expound too much on what the past week has been like, but i have found myself several times thinking random things like:

"is this gonna be forever?" and "is this real life?!"

my perception of life had been so effected by current circumstances that i am giving into doubt, fear, and loneliness like it's my biznasssss. in those many moments that i'm giving into doubt, fear, etc and wondering if things would ever look up, God tenderly reminds me:

{paraphrase} "come on now... duh. of course they will... don't you know Me at all?! I am your source of joy, comfort, strength. I am your provision, your Bridegroom, your Abba. and you, even in your grossest moments of doubt, slavery, sobbing and fear, you are My beloved. I cherish you in those moments; I treasure you in those moments; I will see you through those moments. run to Me while you're tired and burned out, because I will give you the rest you need to face each day; today and forever."

good grief. how great it is to know that i've been promised that momentary troubles are not forever and that this world doesn't even compare to what's in coming in the next life.

and so today i believe that Christ is my hiding place and that He will protect me from trouble. i believe that He surrounds me with songs of deliverance. (psalm 32)

that promise alone is enough to keep trekkin.