all that sparkles.

each christmas my grandpa blesses each of his children and grandkids with a sizable check. it's always a much anticipated moment of our christmas celebration together because let's face it... what grownup isn't secretly hoping for a little growth in their bank accounts or more resources to pay off a loan.

this year, after receiving my check from papa, my 4-year-old cousin aubrey came up and reached for the envelope that was in my hand. the envelope was white with a glittered christmas tree and contained the check papa had just given me. i handed it to her waiting to see what would unfold.

she opened the envelope and pulled out the check... holding both in her hand she studied them. she looked at the scribbled writing on the check, and then to the christmas tree on the envelope, then back to the check. after a few seconds of gazing at both items she handed the check back to me and toddled off with the envelope to show her brother her new prized possession.

i giggled inside cause my weird lil' brain saw a spiritual parallel.

the check aubrey held was worth quite a bit... way more than that little envelope. however because of the "packaging", because of what she saw on the envelope, she took it for more valuable or desirable. in her mind she had chosen the better of the two options she had held even though she'd given up the only thing of worth.

good grief.

how many times have i held something in my hand of true value and exchanged it cause i saw something else that glittered? praise the Lord that God opened my eyes to true worth and value, however i am still like aubrey in so many ways... looking at the appearance of a thing and valuing it passed on what i see, no on what it's truly worth. when all is said and done, Christ is the thing worthy of seeking, treasuring, and valuing during our time on earth. so often i invest my heart, mind, soul and body into things that may glitter for a time, but will soon reveal their real value: nothing.

it's so easy to look at cars and clothes, savings and salaries, beauty and beaus and think that those are the things that are truly valuable and worth clinging to. i need so much reminding and help remembering that Christ alone is valuable. Christ alone is worth clinging to. Christ alone can comfort me in any and every situation i will face in life.

no amount of money, measure of beauty and depth of human relationship can sustain the human soul through life. Christ alone can; He created our soul, therefore He alone can be the sufficient caretaker of it.